Essay On Depression And Anxiety

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After reading your Writing Plan, I believe the argument of your persuasive essay is that those suffering from anxiety and/or depression would benefit from reading fictional stories during their leisure time rather than skimming through social media sites. This would give the reader an opportunity to escape into the land of their own imagination, and to see the world through another lens. Additionally, you have a strong argument that the use of technology may be connected to anxiety and depression. If you are able to prove this argument, you will hopefully be able to get the reader to try out your plan by moving away from online stimuli, and to improve their mental health by reading a book.
Although I like where you are going with your essay, I do not think you have addressed the major opposing viewpoint that came to my mind. As a first time reader of your plan, I noticed that although you claim that reading fiction will help with anxiety and depression, you have not
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"You've Got Me Under Your Skin" by Liam Duncan supports your argument that "reading fiction novels or short stories can be an effective treatment for depression" by highlighting the change in mood and empathy that can be experienced through reading fiction (Darren Smith). "Social Media Empower People" by Simon Mainwaring falls short for me. It does not feel connected to your argument, and seems to go a little off topic into the pros and cons of social media, and does not add to the discussion about mental health. I do not know how to strengthen the connection with this source, and would advise you to consider looking for a stronger counter

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