Difference Between Abortion And Murder

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For some religions, when the egg is fertilized that organism is considered a person. Other groups believe that a fertilized egg is not a person with rights until the moment it is pushed through the birth canal. The difference of opinions between pro-life and pro-choice vary due to things such as religion, upbringing, and geography. Growing up as a Christian in the south, it is difficult to understand the rationalization of an abortion, and how a person could commit such an act. There are plenty of reasons why people should be pro-life some are morality, adoption, or plain justice. Abortion and murder have a lot in common, both are the forceful ending of a life. The only difference between abortion and murder is, abortion is legal and simply frowned upon, while murder is illegal and punishable by death. Abortion is morally wrong because of the horrific procedure, and the way the procedure is funded. The only reason abortions are possible is because it is funded by the government. People everywhere are against the idea of abortions, and yet tax dollars are taken out of every single …show more content…
There is no civil justice system on this earth that does not punish humans for purposely harming another human. For example, if a woman who is pregnant, even if she didn’t know she was pregnant, died in a car accident that wreck would be considered a double homicide. This is because life begins at conception and should be treated as such. Some may not know that 22 days after conception the fetus has developed its own cardiovascular system, this allows the baby to pump blood through its own body completely separate from its mother. As early as six weeks the fetus has electrical brain activity which means that the fetus can feel pain. Even in the instance of rape, there are medical procedures that prevent a pregnancy. Performing an abortion punishes only the unborn child instead of the actual predator who committed the

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