Persuasive Essay : Incentives Programs Are Bad Idea

813 Words May 12th, 2016 4 Pages
In todays society, parents have been looking for different ways for their kids to do well in school. They want them to learn and be glad to go to school but, bribing kids is not the way for them to do good in school, they are technically forcing their kids to enjoy school. The behavior of the kid is only seen because the student knows what the reward is and what to do to get it, but parents and teacher should realize it won’t work for very long because once the reward has been given, the original behavior resumes..Incentive Programs are bad because they do not teach children the difference between right and wrong, but rather teaches them to go for what objectives offer the biggest and easiest to accomplish rewards which can confuse children later in life.
Incentives Programs are a bad idea because it takes the joy of learning and teaches those kids that all accomplishments come with rewards. Students get motivated to come to class if the class is interesting, so we don’t have to use extrinsic incentives, such as rewards. Roland fryer was an economist who ran a experiment of incentives for hundreds of classrooms in multiple cities; New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington. Each of those cities had their own incentives program to see which one would work best. Fryer did this experiment to see if the kids from those schools would do well in school while bribing them financially. I’ve had experience with bribing when I was in high school. I had one class that most of the…

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