Why Is Prostitution Wrong

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Prostitution: It’s Not Okay
According to “a report from Fondation Scelles...there are 40 to 42 million prostitutes in the world” (Sex Crimes). Prostitution is legal in a lot of countries and even some areas in the United States (Prostitution). Prostitutes are controlled by pimps who often search for teenagers to turn into prostitutes (Flowers). The sex industry leads to human trafficking and downgrades the community (Prostitution). Prostitution should not be accepted and deserves to be illegal everywhere, pimps who control prostitutes target teenagers, and prostitution leads to sex trafficking, leading to an unpleasant environment.
Prostitution is “the exchange of sex for payment” (Prostitution). Most prostitutes are women, but there are
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Human trafficking is when people are abducted and sold to horny men and women as sex slaves (Prostitution). Young boys and girls are taken to create child pornography, underprivileged countries victimize young children and use these little kids to attract rich adults to bring in revenue for their industry. “About 1.2 million children are trafficked each year” and in Mexico, over 16,000 children work as prostitutes (Prostitution). Not only is sex trafficking a negative effect of sex work, but the environment is hindered as well. Low level prostitutes make the area unpleasant. Since they do stuff in cars and cheap places rather than expensive hotel rooms, they don’t always have access to bathrooms so they litter condoms, and urinate in gutters. This impacts those who live in the area because they are left to look and clean up the prostitutes messes (Prostitution). To some, prostitution is viewed as a hindrance while others believe the problem can be …show more content…
Sex trafficking is when a person is forced to have sex for a given good such as money, food, etc. It might sound the same but sex trafficking is, for instance, buying a person for their “duty,” while prostitution is paying someone for their “duty.” Some believe that if prostitution were legal, that the sex trafficking rate would go down. This is because the sex industry has certain conditions for the workers. If prostitution is illegal, they lower the required standards. If these standards are low, and sex trafficking is a bigger illegal industry, than imagine the standards for sex trafficking. If prostitution was legal, within certain guidelines it would set a higher standard for illegal industries. While illegal industries should be “taken out”, the rate at which it would dissipate would be so small that the idea for getting rid of these industries would be gone just as soon. But, allowing one industry to create a set of expectations slowly sets higher quality standards for those that are in the same industry (Pros and

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