Weight Loss In America Research Paper

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"Get your family and friends on board with your weight-loss goals. Surround yourself with people who will support you and help you, not sabotage your efforts. Make sure they understand how important weight loss is to your health. You might also want to join a weight-loss support group" (Mayo Clinic Staff). People becoming obese are very inferior and it is a major problem in the modern society. Obesity is something that people shouldn 't have but many people are not doing physical activities and eating oversized portions. Studies show that over 50% of Americans are overweight. To prevent them, people should be more active by doing at least 60 minutes of exercise daily with proper food rations and restaurants should provide healthier options. …show more content…
When women are pregnant, they will have to eat food to keep the child alive. After the child is being born, women will find a hard time to lose weight because of all the food that they ate and they didn’t do a lot of physical activities. Some didn’t do physical activities because they find it hard to do it while carrying a child. This will apply to the women’s important thing to do: sleep. When taking care of the child, they will get tired very easily and especially at night. This will be lack of sleep for women to have because they are taking care of the child. When not sleeping enough, the hormones will change that increases appetite. These people will crave foods that are high in calories and eating many carbohydrates (Mayo Clinic Staff). Another one is unhealthy diet. People will “eat whatever is in front of them” (Batchelor) and causes them to have health problems. They will eat large portions of food and lack nutrients that their body needs. Scientist discovered that many people eat high in carbohydrates and fats, especially in junk and fast food. Not that important, illness can cause overweight, like, “genetic predisposition, hypothyroidism and psychotropic” (Thomas). Some people like to eat large parts of meal or eating fast food everyday or didn’t eat breakfast since it 's very important to do so, which causes weight gain. People don 't get enough veggies, fruits, meat, grains and dairy …show more content…
There are solutions for obese people to become healthier lifestyle. This will make them to have a better life. It’s really hard for those who are obese and wants to become healthy again because since they eat a lot, their stomach will urge them to eat more while eating lesser portions. Instead, they can eat a lot of food that are full of nutrients because the body needs them and it’s really helpful. Solutions that can make obese to healthy are just simply eat healthy and exercise daily. When it comes to eating, people are having a hard time deciding what to eat. Salads or cheeseburgers? Cheeseburger may be good, but it 's full of saturated fats, sometimes high in cholesterol, very greasy and is processed. Instead of eating a cheeseburger, just make yourself an own veggie burger or just a salad. Salad is just a simple and natural food. They are plants and they give tons of nutrients for people. People can be healthier and have more energy just by eating it. To change their lives of being obese people should be eating foods that are reduced in calories, eating less when feeling full, adopting healthy plan, restrict certain foods, meal replacements and being wary of quick fixes, like fad diets (Mayo Clinic Staff). When eating healthy, those foods should contain all natural and good amounts of vitamins. Some good strategies are going to farmers market often. That way, people would have more access to getting fruits and

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