Benefits Of Persuasion Essay

Persuasion Axiom #1 – If people resist your ideas, persuade them. If there’s no resistance, you don’t need to persuade.

The idea that you don’t need to persuade if there’s no resistance is most striking.

And while it is on some level obvious, the thought can be counter-intuitive to those who feel the need to continuously sell their ideas.

Since it seems natural to want those who agree to continue agreeing, there may be merit to continuing the pitch, if only on a reduced level.

However, the axiom suggests this is a waste of persuasion and could do more harm than good as the audience becomes annoyed.

One could put this into practice by being more conscious of how, when, and to what extent it is appropriate to influence others.

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This reflection may slow-down the process somewhat in the beginning, but hopefully will lead to a better end-product as I become proficient.

As a goal for myself, I’ll look to continue the pattern of brevity, but attempt to imbue more meaning into my sentences without making them feel strained.

Persuasion Axiom #26 – Being persuadable makes you a more persuasive person.

This axiom strikes me because it rings true with the data provided in Strategic Leadership, which suggests that network brokers add more value to an organization and one of the hallmarks of their personality is that they are more persuadable than others.

I can implement this into my career by being more open to the ideas of others. This is difficult as if taken too far, may lead one to becoming a leader with no sense of true North or “spine.”

But if executed with care, could lead to an outcome whereby my own ideas and beliefs are better simply from exposure to the ideas and beliefs of others.

My goal is to develop this sense of perspective in my personal life and allow that improved awareness to permeate my professional

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