Personal Velocity Character Analysis

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Personal velocity by Rebecca Miller is a series of seven short stories all in one novel. They are about seven different women, describing their personalities and how they are shaped. Each character was unique in their own way, but the background of their lives was usually the same. The three characters I liked more were Greta, Delia, and Julianne. These three women have very different basic core personalities. A core personality is are primary traits that people develop usually in their childhood that do not change or changes very little throughout their life.
When the author introduced Greta, right off the bat I saw her as materialistic. The reason being, that she thought her life was so horrible because she had an old pair of flats. Greta
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She was more focused on her body type and how she looked. As a child, she developed big breasts and was called a slut for them which caused her to live up to that expectation. For example, giving blow jobs during school to fellow classmates and even a teacher. Her core personality was she wanted power, enjoyed power, she needed power so the other girls could fear her. I would describe that as her strength because she is not a scared person, she showed this when a girl was being teased by a group a boys Delia went up to the main boy and punched him right in the stomach. I would describe Delia’s weakness as having a people pleaser personality because she would do what guys wanted or what she thought they wanted. There was never just plain conversation with men for her, in her mind they wanted sex. That trait really showed more when she got …show more content…
Julianne does not feel accepted in her life. She feels her daughter needs her around but does not want her. Her daughter tends to spend most of her time with her father, the girl only comes to Julianne when she needs something done for her. Julianne is starting to become very mindful of her age. She focused on her age as time goes on. At the start of her relationship with her husband she felt shiny and new, now she describes herself as dull and old. Her personality is silent, she is a fly on the wall. Her and her husband are both writers, yet she still fills the role as a “writer’s

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