Personal Statement : ' The ' Halloween Party ' Essay

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test I clutched my arm as my stomach ached from the thought of bombing my first attempt. He placed his hand on my jittery knee warming it.
“Calm down, you will do fine” He said. His solacing words did little to lessen my angst.
When they called for me, I headed for the room, and when the test began the questions confounded me. A rush of heat encompassed the crown of my head that innervated every axon in my brain. I started answering every question like I had written the book. He taught me in those mere seconds by transferring the knowledge. When I returned, he smiled as I held up the documentation for my permit.
“Thank you so much, you are truly amazing.” “I know.” He replied, placing his arm around me, and we left.
“I knew you the magic in you”

* * *
“I am so psyched for Erich’s Halloween party!” Leslie exclaimed as she stood beside me in the bathroom putting on makeup. I had been trying to find a way out of his party since I heard of it. Thus far, to no avail.
“It should be fun.” I commented, hoping my sarcasm was not obvious to her. She seemed distracted as she stared at herself in the mirror applying her winged eyeliner.
“So are you and Claudius hanging out as usual tonight? You two are inseparable. I know you guys are engaged, but it is like you can’t breathe without each other.”
“I would not say it is quite that bad, although we enjoy one another’s company.” I said. She arched her brow. “
“When is the last day you had a break from him?”
“Now that you say…

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