Essay on Personal Statement On Teaching Philosophy

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When I was at home doing schoolwork, I was never super motivated to do my schoolwork, which isn 't really abnormal for a kid. I would always only do the least amount of work possible for me to get by. I mean, what kid wouldn 't want to do the least possible, to have more time to play or hangout with friends? My parent’s philosophy in educating all of my siblings, myself included, was to help us find what we really enjoyed doing, and what we were naturally drawn towards and then help us focus in on those things. In theory that teaching philosophy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, for me it was extremely problematic due to the fact that I didn 't know what I wanted to do, and I wasn 't drawn to anything in particular. As a result of this, I was always wondering what I was going to do when I finished school.
In public school, preparing individuals for college is a main focus, and there is always guidance and helpful resources pointing you towards the furthering of education. In contrast, I was never pushed towards college. Some might find that interesting considering both my parents are well-educated. My father is an attorney and my mother has a masters in teaching, specifically for the deaf.
Some of the reasons for my parents not pushing me towards higher education was my father 's experience in college. He tried it all in college; everything from drinking to drugs, and as a result, his academics suffered. Because he was a Christian father he did not want any of his…

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