Personal Statement On Self Leadership Essay

1109 Words Feb 10th, 2016 null Page
“Conscious leadership puts the leader as a follower and allows the leader to be a person they would want to follow. Stakeholder orientation shows that the organization cares about their supports and employees and that will bring a return so great an organization can thrive in profits. Conscious culture creates values that the organization upholds in return people are prone to support an organization that share similar values as them. And finally higher purpose gives people outlook upon the future on what the ultimate goal of the organization is and how it can benefit them.” According to Mackey and Sisodia (2013), Conscious Businesses create more value, are more successful, are more ethical, and are better place to work for. These characteristics are very important when organizing a team to work with. It is important a business uphold these characteristics for a bigger return from employees and consumers. In my previous class we spoke of servant leadership, which is the model Southwest Airlines instill in their company. This philosophy puts the employees and customers first to bring a bigger return to shareholders.
By definition of conscious leadership is putting a leader as a follower, therefore the leader must understand themselves in how they would want their followers to exhibit themselves. Emotional intelligence (EI) is very important in self-leadership. Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage oneself and one’s relationship in a mature and constructive way.…

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