Personal Statement On Personal Identity Essay

1940 Words Dec 9th, 2016 8 Pages
This paper will center on the nature of diachronic personal identity; specifically, bodily continuity personal identity as my stance. I will define a person, and explain the difference between synchronic and diachronic thoughts of personal identity. Next, I will analyze Lock’s stance on synchronic and diachronic personal identity. Afterward, I will analyze Reid’s perspective & objections against Lock’s view of diachronic personal identity. Per the objections outlined by Reid, I will explicate the objection involving our inability to remember events of our earliest childhood and the objection from the old general analysis. Last, I will expand on my stance on what is necessary in diachronic personal identity for a person and I will conclude my paper by giving an overview to all the objections, and why am supporting bodily diachronic personal identity to be most promising.
The question, “what is a person?” had been debated for year and no specific answer was generally accepted. Lock posits that the most imperative thing to be a person is to possess self-consciousness. Here I would explain the concept of synchronic personal identity using Lock’s view. The word synchronic identity encompass how things are at a particular time, while diachronic identity has to do with how things are over an interval of time (Green, 2015). Delving into questions of synchronic identity of a person, one may ask what it is for a thing to be a person at a certain time? Can a computer, an infant,…

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