Personal Statement On Online Counseling Essay example

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In chapter six, the opening paragraph began by speaking on the importance of telephone and online crisis counseling. The majority of crisis counseling is now handled by telephone. The chapter touched on how many of the individuals answering the phones are volunteers, staffed by these agencies that do not hold a degree in social work, psychiatric nursing, counseling, or psychology. Online crisis counseling is also growing. There are e-therapy protocols that are now being written. This does not surprise me especially because of the increase of computer use within the past few years. People are becoming more tech savvy and spend a lot of time on computers, whether it is for work or leisure. Online counseling clearly can provide a great deal of help to people who are geographically or psychologically isolated from specialized crisis services. However there are potential problems like confidentiality, licensing and insurance, swindlers, and learning the language. Overall, the use of telephone and online services are seen as beneficial because they are fast, convenient, accessible, cheap, anonymous, and helpful. The telephone is so popular because of its immediacy. It was interesting to find out that the first telephone crisis hotline was established in 1906 by the National Save-a-Life League to prevent suicide and how the suicide prevention movement in the 1950s adopted the telephone as the primary mode of treatment. You are able to connect with another individual…

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