Personal Statement On Family Trends Essay

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Family Trends
The trends and patterns that I have identify within my genogram are many of my family members actively use illicit substances. The use of drugs is seen within the last 3 generations of my genogram. Their drug of choice is alcohol, heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana. Although drug use is prevalent many of the members of my family are in recovery. Many of my family members achieved recovery by attending a drug treatment program while others did it cold turkey without any outside support.
Another trend that I notice while completing my genogram is many of my family members have health issues. I did not realize how prevalent sickness was in my family. Many of my family members suffer from heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and arthritis. With further exploration on this topic with my mother and grandmother I was informed that many of their health issues are due to the type of food consumed and being overweight. This was an eye opening discovery for me. It also allowed me to do some self-reflection on my own health status.
The people in my family tend to get married. However, I observed that the married couples tend to live separate lives. My genogram revealed that my family members remain married even when they are no longer together. This trend has been seen in the last 3 generations. For example my…

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