Personal Statement On Environmental Management Essay

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Oreoluwa Adeyinka
Personal Statement
Montclair State University, New Jersey
Degree Objective: Environmental Management PhD
I remember the day I was taught about Venn diagrams in math class. I always wanted to be the subset that connected all three circles together and I hope that at the end of this statement you can help me accomplish that goal by granting me admission to Montclair State University, New Jersey to study Environmental Management.
First Circle Missionary Parents. The one security question I never use is what is the name of your middle school (in my case primary school). This was because I went to fifteen of them. We moved round a lot while I was growing up and that gave me the opportunity to be able to see how people in different countries lived. We lived in Ethiopia for 3 years, Kenya for 2 years and we were in constant rotation among the 36 states in Nigeria. Unknown to me being able to see how different communities handled issues like Health Care, Environmental Sanitation and Agriculture was my introduction to Public Health and Environmental Health.
For my undergraduate degree I decided to go with Microbiology because I wanted to work in health care but not as a medical doctor. My parents decided to live in Jos, Plateau State (Nigeria), this was the state where the Boko Haram riots started. Before I got called to complete my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I decided to volunteer at the Air Force Hospital. That experience was eye opening for me,…

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