The Influence Of The Measles Case

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There are many hospitals that have a significant influence in the state of Florida. At the end of January 2015, a news article wrote about a mentally unstable women’s family filing a suit against the owner of the Florida Hospital, accusing the staff members of the hospital trying to cover up a sexual assault from another patient in the psychiatric ward. The suit accuses of the hospital trying to conceal the existence of video recording and soon the woman told a police officer what had happened, but Davis, the assumed sexual assaulter, denied touching her inappropriately and was not arrested. A couple months later, a police detective viewed the surveillance cameras in the hospital and arrested Davis (Rene Stutzman, Psychiatric patient who was …show more content…
Last year, a news article spoke of the measles case spreading all across the world, especially in China, Angola, Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Vietnam. According to statistics, 250,000 people came down with the measles and yet half of that amount has died. Stephen Cochi, a senior advisor for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 's global immunization division, claims “The measles virus is probably the most infectious disease known to mankind”. The measles have been infecting thousands of either vaccinated or not vaccinated people. The whole world is beginning to worry about the measles disease because of the increasing death rates from the disease. This shows viewers that without international medical institutions the whole world will be fumbling around in confusion because of outbreaks of diseases. These medical institutions and major hospitals have been treating patients for a very long time and they are there to make people safe and healthy. The documentary focuses on one hospital out of many across the globe and this hospital displays the natural functions of an ordinary hospital. Hospitals have always been treating patients, which are what they are known for, to help patients that have medical problems. So when an outbreak of the measles arrives, medical institutions could advice medical hospitals worldwide about information about the measles and other various diseases. All in all, observers can learn the function of hospitals and the role or importance it has for

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