Personal Statement Of Self Location Essay

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Social works main goal is to assist individuals and groups of oppressed populations with resources and empowerment to improve daily living conditions. By taking a deep look into our own cultural background it helps one become socially aware of our own biases. Being aware of our own biases allows one a way of deep reflection to get past differences and truly support indigenous and oppressed populations. Every person at some point is exposed to biases, privilege, and oppression by exploring your own self location, having a family conversation, and reflecting how one continues privilege and oppression is the start to combating the cycle of maltreatment of others.
Statement of Self Location
At the present time, I currently identify as a white American, thirty-two-year-old female, who is lesbian, non-religious but spiritual recovering addict, of lower class, and able-bodied. I have not always identified this way. For most of my life I was in heterosexual relationships and identified as such. However, when I met my partner I came out to my family and friends letting them know I had always fantasized about being in a relationship with woman but never had the courage to step out of societies norm. I also grew up in a middle class home and never understood the struggles of single parent family homes and having to be on welfare. When I left home to be on my own I became a single parent who has struggled to survive, living paycheck to paycheck with the help of welfare programs.…

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