Essay about Personal Statement : My Top Three Jobs

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Finances (business) has always been really interesting to me, that is why I chose it to be my major. Although combat arms would be a hell of a lot more fun, I believe there will be more opportunities when I get out if I utilize my degree while I’m an officer. Finance Corps officers have five core competencies, fund the force, banking and disbursing, accounting support and cost management, pay support and management internal controls. All of these competencies relate directly towards my degree. My top three jobs that I will likely pursue after I serve will be a financial manager, operations manager, and a financial advisor.

One job that I am very interested in when I serve my time as an officer will be a financial manager for an organization. This job field is at a projected 9 percent growth with 206,025 jobs opening up over the past year. The average annual wage is $103,910. A bachelor’s degree in finance is required along with several years of experience. Finance managers in the Army ensure that all financial resources are available to complete the mission and recommend the commander of the best allocation of resources to achieve the desired effects. In a business, the mission is similar because a financial manager of a company will need to ensure their resources will be properly allocated, if they aren’t then the business will not be successful. The duties of both civilian and Army finance managers are directly correlated. For example, they both prep finance statements,…

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