Personal Statement : My Interpersonal Skills Essay

1377 Words Sep 13th, 2015 6 Pages
Insert title here At the beginning of this class, I believe that my interpersonal skills are about average at the most. I mean, my job requires me to interact with customers by saying hello when they walk into the store, explaining how things work, answering their questions, and telling them to have a nice day/night. I even voice my need for inclusion when my friends are doing something without me. Although, I have many weaknesses too. Sometimes around certain people, I can’t bring myself to say hello, sometimes I just clam up. Other times I can’t even speak either, or even make eye contact. Am I the only one like that? Someone who talks a lot to everyone but clams up and stays silent around others? When it comes to my interpersonal communication strengths, I’d consider myself decent. When it comes to talking to someone, specifically someone I’ve gotten to know, I am blunt. I don’t just smile, nod, and agree with the topic at hand, I specifically state my opinion about the matter and make sure I am heard. Sometimes this will cause the receiver of my message to get upset because they don’t always agree with my bluntness or willingness to have my opinion put out there. For instance, when I was in 5th grade, my class and I were in art. I remember one girl was drawing a frog for the assignment we were doing and asked everyone who sat at our table if her frog’s eye looked lopsided, which it did. Naturally, I look over and reply ‘yes’ while everyone else replied ‘no’. She asked…

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