Personal Statement For Computer Science

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“If you think you are worth what you know, you are very wrong. Your

knowledge today does not have much value beyond a couple of years. Your

value is what you can learn and how easily you can adapt to the changes this

profession brings so often.” – Jose M. Aguilar

The aforementioned quote summarizes my intent behind the pursuit of master 's degree

from a prestigious university such as yours. An invigorating career in the field of Computer

Science has always been my dream. With an intense urge to delve into this challenging

field, the eagerness to experiment and explore new panoramas, I strongly believe that experiencing the world of work

for a couple of years would not suffice. A comprehensive graduate program is a consummate supplement
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I have always been enchanted by the WAY the world is literally becoming a global village and we are just a click away from the needful. This natural fascination for computers

got stepped-up manifold when I was introduced to the subject of RF Microcontroller which is nothing but a computer built on a small chip.

In my academics, I have completed my undergraduate degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University (SRM), Chennai,known for its

ingenious faculty, convenient amenities and demanding grading procedures. I stood amongst the top 10 in my class.

Though my major had opened up a wide variety of courses,I was aware of the fact that the world today runs on

computers and thus programming knowhow is a requisite, I completed courses which have made me proficient in the eonian programming languages like C and C++.

Besides my academic pursuits, I participated in extra-curricular activities with great
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The driving force behind all this was my aim to develop all the facets of my personality.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier my penchant towards Computer Science after culmination of the course of RF Microcontroller made me

contemplative and thus I considered to change my line in to the field. My afiliation with corporate world began in August 2014 when I joined one of the most reputed software giant of Asia, Tata Consultancy Services as an entry level Assistant Systems Engineer

. Here firstly, I was introduced to the concept of Aspire which is a one stop shop to brush up my

basic software engineering concepts and develop my soft skills. Secondly, the phase of Initial Learning Programme inculcated programming

rigor and made me adept in concepts such as dot net(C#), Cascading Style Sheet(CSS), Javascript, Structured Query Language(SQL) etc. Furthermore, I had the opportunity

to do a project titled Microsoft Customer Ralationship Management wherein we worked on tools like Selenium, which is used to automate web browsers across many applications.

The reason why I want to study at xxxxx University is that it

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