Personal Religious Experience Essay

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My Personal Religious Experience

I've been attending church for as long as I can remember. The earliest time I remember going to church was when I was in pre-school, and I attended the same church until high school. Sundays were routine, we attended church, went out to eat after with other members of the church, and then went home to watch either football or baseball (sports being my second religion). Skipping church was never an option, nor did I really want to miss it. I had good friends at church, and was genuinely interested in the bible and the stories we read. My parents have been avid Christians since a few years before I was born. Both had been Catholic as children, and both stopped going for different reasons. After my
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The few years I spent at that church seemed empty, almost like I was just going through the motions and not gaining any spiritual knowledge. This led to one of the biggest changes in my life so far. I moved to Florida before my junior year in high school. We tried a few churches out, and settled on one right down the road from our house. They had great music, a passionate youth pastor, and I made a few good friends immediately. It wasn't as great of a church as my first one had been, but it still re-ignited the passion I had for church before. I began attending youth group more frequently, went out with my friends from church, and began reading the bible with more regularity.
Although I was finally happy with my church again, my lifestyle had changed. I went to parties during the weekends, had more homework during the week, and had soccer almost every day. This made it harder to find time for church related activities, and most of my best friends didn't attend my church or any church at all. I was closer to God then I had been, but still not at the religious point I had been at when I was younger.
Even now, at college, I don't attend church on Sundays, and don't often read the bible. I believe in God, and try to live in a way which glorifies God, but I still don't totally devote myself fully to my faith. When I’m at home for vacations or breaks, it’s hard to find time to visit my church.

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