Personal Reflective Essay: Molding Socialization

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Molding Socialization During the time I was a young child, I can recall staying at home the majority of time with my grandparents and it was difficult for my grandparents and I to communicate with one another. Furthermore, even though I was born in Vietnam, I came to America when I was just one year old and so my first language was actually English so that made it challenging for them to teach me life lessons on how to evaluate my own socialization. What made it even more difficult was that my parents were gone for work the majority of the day so they couldn’t help teach me with the topic either. So how was I able to mold my own perspective on socialization? Soon after, it all came to me when my parents and I attended this International potluck …show more content…
It was clear to me that when my parents would decide to have a family of their own they would have to know how adapt to learning the importance of teaching their children important life lessons and values. I saw that my parents didn’t really teach me life lessons at a young age because they were always to busy and overwhelmed by working all day and coming home to not having that time frame to teach me about life and everything that involves in it. But once I informed them on why people had different skin color than I did, that is when their family roles of transitioning into becoming parents really kicked into gear for them. It affected me because I felt that I had trouble establishing relationships with other people because I was concerned of their appearances of not looking like me. At that moment in time, they were able to teach me the importance of having courtesy among people of different races. In conclusion, I would like say that I see how parents play a crucial role in teaching children about society. It’s important for parents to teach kids during their young ages so that children have the ability to see how society functions in this world. If all parents have to ability to do, then all children will be able to know socialization. With that in mind, children can have a feeling of not being isolated from their community and are able to have a popular

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