Personal Philosophy Reflection Paper

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This is one of the most interesting projects that I have ever been assigned in schooling in general. I found this project to be quite refreshing, and I really enjoyed how it opened up a new prospective I never thought that I would gain. I had attempted to meditate prior to this assignment, but I never was able to really gain the level of thinking I needed. I felt frustrated time and time again, and ultimately gave up rather quickly. When this assignment came to light, I truly thought I was going to have a hard time completing it. To my surprise, I ended up having a truly invigorating experience, and meditation is now something I am going to be implementing in my life daily.
For me, this assignment was a huge challenge to me in the very beginning.
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I personally don’t have an affiliation with any religion, and I don 't believe in a higher power, I feel that we all just exist and this is simply it. When something bad happens to someone, I don’t think it’s because God has a plan, or because of karma; I feel that everything has happened sequentially to craft our own experiences and reactions.
This connects to my goals and objectives, because to me, on the grand scheme of things I feel that anything is achievable. I feel that every single person on Earth is created equally, and we all have the same capability, it just comes down to how we challenge ourselves. We have the ability to differentiate ourselves from everyone else, thus creating an identity, which is the most important part of our lives. My personal goals and objectives of life is to arrive at a point in my life where I have influence based on my ideologies, and I can implement them onto a social media form to help people get through their hardships. I have an entertainment Facebook company where my team and I showcase events in New York City to bring people together. My goal is to accumulate a following to share my ideologies, and influence those followers into living their life in a more efficient way, to not sweat the small
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I don’t expect to be at a 1000 level conscious scale any time soon, because I know it will take long to build myself up, but I aspire to be at a level of peace, 600. A way that I can develop my level of consciousness is to think about it each day, until I eventually become it, whether it be through meditation, or just training my mind to think in a new way. I feel that if everyone was aware of their level of thinking, and knowing the potential of their mind, it would be much easier to create a positive outlook on life. You must become responsible for your life and your mind, and ready to make the necessary changes to live in the body and soul that will prosper in life. Not everyone can be perfect, and it is imperative that we give everyone a fair chance to redeem themselves, and develop another level of

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