Personal Note On Social Media Essay

745 Words Oct 12th, 2015 3 Pages
It seems like everyone in today’s world is attached to their phones. Not only having the ability to call and text other people but as well as the ability find out really anything with the help of the internet right at your finger tips. Aside from social media I use the internet very frequently through out the day. From searching school related topics to searching different businesses, I spend a lot of time on the internet. Just by looking at one hour I spend on the internet on an average day the three website I viewed are, and Starting with Google first I searched a Halloween costume. Google has always been my number one search engine of choice. I like Google because of how easy, simple and quick it is to find a helpful link to whatever you might search. When I first entered the costume into Google it not only gave me links but also images of costumes with prices right on the first page. Also because I added the words “Halloween Costume” to my search on the right side of my Google page there was a map showing the closest Halloween costume store to my set location. I believe that Google does a fantastic job with providing so much information in an easy to navigate way. During this time as well as prior searches and I am sure searches in the future, Google’s first couple links helps direct me to whatever I am exactly looking for. Another example is when I Google a professional athlete. The first couple links can range from the current…

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