Essay on Personal Note On My Strength

1477 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
When I compare with others, a lot of people said to me that I am the very organizing person throughout my life. I personally love to cleaning up or arranging any mass that needs to organize. Even though, from my class notes, I have to make it neatly and putting things as order as understandable. And also, I tried to write with my handwriting as neatly as possible. If someone wants my notes, I wanted to show that I am organized person from small things to a big thing. It is not just showing my personality; it is a consideration for everyone. One of my strength code has about "developer." This can be explained as a simple word "improvement." It is hard to start new things for me, but when I started, I am putting all of my effort to improve more and more. When I was young, I hated music; listening, playing, watching, etc. When my family was playing music on Friday evening at home, my parents always asked me to join. But I refused their request. When I was fourth grade, my parents bought a practice cello and set a schedule for the cello lesson without my permission. And my mom said, "David, I am sorry to make a cello lesson schedule for you. But I want to see you a playing music in our family time. So, can you try just one lesson and decide whether you are taking more lessons or not. This is one of my wishes." So, I took one lesson. But that lesson changed my action. I took more lessons and that improved my music skill to playing in high school orchestra and playing at the…

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