Essay about Personal Note On My Life

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#1. My mother came to pick me up from kindergarten, she was in our red truck per usual. As we were making our way back home, she took a turn from our normal route home. I was curious about the sudden change until we were parked in front of my small town 's local pound; that was the day my mother took me to see a dog that she thought would fill the spot of the pet I so desperately wanted. At first sight I knew I wanted the scrawny white dog; he was automatically friendly and came up to gaze at me through the kennel, wagging his tail and letting out high pitched whines to let me know he wanted to be pet. I held the Jack Russell in my lap on the ride home; he squirmed and tried to break from my grasp, but I was in no way ready to let go of my new present. For years to come I would not let go of small dog he would sleep with me at night; while in the daytime I would talk to him as if he were my best friend. With the gift of a pet came the understanding of companionship; more importantly came the relief of safety his presence brought to my home, I knew he could protect me from the monsters inside.

#2. As long as I could remember my grandfather, or as I called him Oij, was ill while I was growing up. He unfortunately had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/ALS, in turn called Lou Gehrig’s disease, due to this I always saw him in a feeble state. Yellowed tinted skin, frail body, and the inability to do everyday functions on his own; this image of him is what I remember of him. It is…

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