Personal Note On Electronic Communication Essay

1000 Words Oct 19th, 2016 4 Pages
We often see only the bad sides of electronic communication devices and never see the real pros. When beginning to decide on my list of dos and don’ts for this exercise, I soon realized I could only think of mainly don’ts and only one do. Seeing that my cell phone is always attached to my hip, I thought this was rather odd. I would be very interested in seeing what other people’s dos would be to pro these devices, as I only see them as a hassle. In this short exercise, I will be explaining my personal top 5 list of four don’ts and one do.
First, I will be starting off with my one and only do with electronic communication devices. Do text message and email with proper punctuation and complete sentences. For example, if an employer is text messaging you about the work schedule, you would not want to text message them back using slang. This could also take place when you are emailing a future employer. You would want to sound clear and professional. Although there could be expectations to this rule, such as if you are talking to a friend. When you are text messaging your friends you are able to be more unprofessional and laid back with your conversation.
The first don’t I have chosen is don’t use your communication device to let someone that their loved one has died. This is number 1 on my don’t list because this has happened to me personally. My great grandmother had not been doing well and was in the hospital. One night after visiting her, I had gone over to a friend’s…

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