Personal Note On Communication Event Essay

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1) Communication Event:

Three summers ago I left the country for the first time. I was provided this opportunity when I was offered a job to work in Spain. My job was to speak English with the campers, so that they could practice their second language (English) speaking skills. During my Skype interview before going to Spain, I made it very clear to my soon-to-be bosses that I had very little knowledge of Spanish. To my surprise, this was actually preferred so that the campers would be forced to practice their English with me instead of speaking Spanish with me. It was not until then that I realized just how dominant of a language English is. At the Barcelona airport my bosses picked me up and then we drove 2 hours to Ripoll, a village of 8,000 people, which is where I lived and worked for the summer. When I arrived into the town I quickly learned that this region of Spain’s native language was Catalan, not Spanish.
While at camp and in the town I tried to speak English with others, however instead they would just speak with native Catalan speakers. I then tried to grasp and learn the language, but even when being fully amerced into the culture I failed to understand the language. While I consider myself to be smart and hard working, without being able to understand the language I felt helpless and lonely without any meaningful interactions. Among the dynamics of this summer, there are many communication problems in this situation. A communication problem that is…

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