Personal Narrative : ' The Phone Clamored ' Essay examples

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Riiiiing! Riiiiing! The phone clamored. I’ve never heard it in such a way before. I check the caller ID and solemnly answered, knowing this was unusual. “Rachel?” My Aunt Angi’s trembling voice said. The next words to come out of her mouth were shattering, so much so that I fell straight to the floor with my one-year-old son in my arms. “Honey, your Mom passed away. The police are on their way.” My heart stopped and time stood still. I couldn’t stop it. “I can’t stop any of it,” I whimpered. I can’t give the exact details on what really happened in those few moments before I had to gather myself up and go see my Mom for the very last time at her home; but I can say that it was a sinking inside that I couldn’t anchor to any stability. After abuse from her mother, followed by years of drug abuse that led to her death, this was the day I stepped into the abyss, and it’s taken me a long time to be able to reach my way back. My husband and I arrive at that house that my mother and her sister shared. There were police cars with flashing lights, an ambulance and firetruck illuminated just the same, and many strangers in uniform scattered about everywhere. My heart was racing, what was about to happen? What was really going on? Was this real? We walk up the door where we were stopped by an officer and my husband informs him that I’m the daughter of the woman who they still have inside, and he lets us pass disgruntledly. I walk in to see my aunt completely broken down trying to…

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