Personal Narrative On Thanksgiving

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Swoosh!I opened the door to my house. As I walked in my house the smell of turkey drifted through the air, I realized that it was Thanksgiving. Something had happened the year before that made me hate Thanksgiving, like Wrecking ball by Miley. It involved turkey, hunting, and my friend Bobby.

It was terrifying like skydiving without a parachute it's fun going down until you realize that you don’t have the parachute, but at the end it was pretty fun. Ok so it all started when I got out of bed like a normal day. What was soon to happen, nobody knew. Before this I always liked Thanksgiving, but what was about to happen made me not really like this holiday very much. I was going hunting with Bobby and I found one turkey and shot...I missed.
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After that I got this strange feeling that the turkey was alive before I shot it twice before leaving. I thought it was just me. I was starting to feel a little weird so I asked Bobby if he could carry the turkey. I got to my house at the sun was setting it was as pretty as the girl who lives next door…. Anyway I started plucking it with Bobby,but the first feather we got it went all loco around my house. It even got in …show more content…
My dad skinned it this time,my mom cooked it,and I ate it.It was the most delicious meal I have ever eaten it made me want to slap my momma.It was a little scary,but the meal calmed me down.So that's been my story of the Thanksgiving

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