Drunk Driving Narrative Essay

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My Personal Narrative

Driving away from gangsters is not an easy task. Especially if it’s heavily raining, 3 in the morning and your car is filled of drunk underage boys. It was the first time my parents allowed me to drive on my own after the allowed time for an underage driver. I had permission to drive to the party under the condition that I was to get home early and not joke around in the car. I was supposed to drive to the party and go home immediately, and for some stupid reason I decided to do the complete opposite.

I had recently turned 16 and like most, I received my driver’s licence. My parents had been real strict and careful when my older sister got her licence. She couldn’t drive past 11pm (legal time limit for minors), she
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Just as I was getting in my car, my friends asked me if I could drive them home. I was still a new driver and wanted to prove my driving skills so I agreed. Before driving them home, we stopped at a mall to eat some fast food. This mall was known as the place to eat when you are drunk so you can sober up before going home. We ate some burgers and left the mall. I noticed that one of my drunk friends took his soda with him, but at the moment I didn’t mind. As we drove through Medellin, a heavy rain began to wet the streets and a thick fog began to form. It was around 2am in the morning when we stopped at a red light. It was at this moment that my drunk friend with the soda decided to open the window and throw the cup at a car on the other side of the road. For some stupid reason, he hit the most scary looking car around. A heavily polarized, bulletproof, black SUV. The moment the cup hit the car, the driver changed lanes and got right behind us. He turned on the headlights and a siren began to roar. At first I thought it was the police and that I was getting pulled over, but then I realized it was actually the SUV that was emitting that sound. I got scared and turned left, to a less-trafficked, faster route. I thought the car was not following us. I thought they had turned right at the redlight. Little did I know that they were right behind me. As the road got narrower, I saw the van drive right past me. At this …show more content…
I don’t what would’ve happened if the SUV would’ve caught up to us and I guess we’ll never know. But must I say, that is by far the most terrifying, yet exciting experience in my life. The funny thing is that my parents never knew about this, I got home around 3:30am and went to sleep like nothing ever happened. I guess under my parent’s eyes I’m still that saint driver that still drives like a

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