I Want To Be A Christian University Essay

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On August 21, 2009, I was sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings enjoying our last dinner together with a few high school classmates. We had just graduated from high school that May and were about to turn our separate ways, to start our journey as freshmen in college. It was shortly after we received our food, I received a phone call from my mother. She stated there were a lot of sirens in town and wanted to know if I knew any information. Being from a small town of fourteen hundred people, Waverly, Illinois was a gossip village to say the least. I told my mother that I had not heard anything lately, and we hung up the phone dismissing the matter. About ten minutes later I received a phone call from my stepfather, Bryce. Knowing he was going to ask …show more content…
But I am not doing this just because I want to get my degree. After Derek’s death, it made me realize that life can be very short. We do not get to decide when our life ends, only God decides that factor. However, we can choose to make the most of our life while we are here on this Earth. I am choosing Colorado Christian University, because I believe there is more to life than just going through the motions. I believe God has sent us here for a purpose. I want that Christian education, instead of a state education where I’m just going through the motions to get my degree. This year I have been hit hard with Derek’s death, his life, and how I 'm choosing to live mine. I believe that the loss of Derek will help me achieve my academic goals, my strive for growing in Christ, and to help others that I come in contact on a day to day life. “I never love to win” - that is my mission statement in life. It’s a weird statement, but when we win, we take a back seat. We think everything is fine, that is how you lose. I hate to lose, but when I do, it makes me work that much harder. So I have to ask myself, do I love to win, or hate to

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