Personal Narrative: My Gingerbread Man

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Gingerbread Man on the loose. It was Christmas eve and Grandma was making gingerbread man and houses for him to live in. All of us made gingerbread man and houses for all of the gingerbread people. When we got done cutting out the gingerbread people grandma stuck them in the oven to bake, we started on their houses out of giant gram crackers. I use so many sweets I couldn’t even count and mine was the best out of all my family of course. My gingerbread house was 10 inches high it was giant. Grandma finally pulled out the gingerbread man out of the oven and I got started right away. My gingerbread man looked so good I almost wanted to eat it but grandma told me that I have to wait for everyone else, it took them 15 minutes. Now every …show more content…
We all stayed up trying to find the gingerbread man. All of got so tired we all fell asleep. When we were asleep the gingerbread man all came out and hide from us. Gingy hid in my mansion gingerbread house, Cinnamon hid in the oven and Oreo he hid in the garbage disposal. We could not find them, it took us 5 days to find the gingerbread men. When I was at grandma's I got so hungry so I decided to eat the gingerbread house I ate and ate and ate until I was stuffed. I took one more bit into one of the walls and found Gingy. Gingy almost got away but I snached him and put him in a ziplock baggy. That night grandma was going to make brownies for after supper. I helped with everything, when we got done with making it we stuck it in the oven. When grandma opened the oven Cinnamon jumped clear out of the oven. He jumped off grandma's shoulder and into my arms. So we stuck Cinnamon in a different ziplock baggy so Gingy wouldn't get out. Me and grandma made a big dinner for the family. I was done and I was putting my food into the garbage disposal and I heard “HELP ME,” said

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