Essay Personal Narrative : My Family Reunion

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Ouija On March 12,1991 , my cousins and I decided to stay the night at my great grandma’s house with her because we were getting ready for your family reunion the next day . I was the first one to arrive there, and when I had gotten there my grandmother was in the kitchen cooking up something to eat for my cousins and I. I gave her a hug and kissed her and peeked to see what she was cooking. She slapped my hand and told me to go outside and get her groceries from out of her car. While I was getting the groceries out of her car my cousin was pulling up in her car. We hugged and I helped her get her bags out of the car as we were walking into the house, she tripped and fell over a stump. She screamed in agonizing pain. “AGHHHH!” and she began to scream my name, “Natalie! Natalie!” my heart started pounding my hands started sweating. I began to scream for my grandmother. My grandmother came running outside panicking and asking what happened. She looked down and seen Breanna’s ankle she covered her mouth and started saying a prayer. As soon as we picked up Breanna’s things and took her in the house and propped her ankle up and put some ice on it until we got ready to go to the hospital. My grandmother brought her a glass of water and put a cold towel on her head to calm her down. We were getting ready to take her to the hospital when my cousin Macy pulled up , as she got out of the car she looked kind of confused on why we were holding on to Breanna helping her to the car then…

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