Reflective Essay: The Rockiest Rollercoaster Ever

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Being almost 18 years old I’ve learned so much about myself I did not know. The last four years have been the rockiest rollercoaster ever. I have always heard, you find yourself in high school: that really is not a lie. I have discovered characteristics about myself I never knew I had. After almost four years I have found that my friend circle has became smaller and smaller. High school not only makes you find yourself, but matures you for the real world. My freshman year of high school, I was one of the shyest, most innocent kids there could be. I was so afraid of the upperclassmen and the “mean teachers”, but who wasn’t? I did not have siblings or anyone that had just graduated like some of my friends. I thought they had it way easier than …show more content…
I gladly ran and got the Vice President spot on Student Council along with my friend Dylan, who got President. Taking on these roles as president and vice president, we have a better understanding of responsibility. The first big event we had to take on was homecoming. We had to plan everything for example, the pep assembly, coronation speech, and the theme of homecoming. Dylan and I have became more responsible and not afraid to take charge in order for things to get accomplished. This year I am hoping that I learn so much more about myself that I don’t already know. I hope that I can become a much better person by helping with Special Olympics and hope it will open my eyes up to realize that everyone is truly blessed.
Over the years of my high school career, i have became a more responsible, ambitious young lady. I am proud for others to see who I am today. High school has taught me so many lessons not only about myself, but life in general. Thankfully, I have had friends and family who have stuck by my side through it all and encourage and tell me how great of a person I am today. Without my teachers I have had over the past years, I would not be the person I am today. They have changed me for the better because of the many lessons they have taught

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