Essay about Personal Narrative : I Love School And Everything

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It was finally Friday. I love school and everything, but I was looking forward to this weekend. I had plans to play with the girl who lives in the apartment below me today. Together we had decided to build a Treehouse in the backyard. When I really think about it, we might only be able to build a landing of some sort because we only have one long piece of plywood. However we were both determined to make something out of our single supply. I went through my apartment getting ready for my big appointment in the backyard. On a whim before going out I decided to let all three of our cats outside. However, I kept one with me by putting a harness and leash on her. I decided so that she could keep my friend and I company while we figured out our tree house. When I finally got her situated I turned to my brother and tried to join me. I thought since it was just the two of us we could use all the help we could put the plywood into the tree. Nonetheless, he was immovable. I was at least able to persuade him to watch T.V. in the living room using the excuse that my mother was lying down in her bedroom. Once I was satisfied with this result, I dragged a reluctant cat with me through the kitchen back door. I decided that it would be faster using the back stairway that leads to the backyard to meet up with my friend. Once I was finally outside I walked to the fence on the other side of the yard where young trees were growing. I was tying my cat’s leash to a low hanging…

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