I Like Me Narrative

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I stretch, "me too." I keep stretching til my shoulder pops and when it does I let out a small moan then form a pillow with my arm and look at Colton.
His eyes are closed and he has his arm behind his head and the other one on his chest. He has a little stubble growing on his chin which I love. Guys with some hair on their face is my weakness.
I lean over and kiss him on the cheek. That wakes him up and I soon regret what I did, "sorry. Go back to sleep."
He rubs his eyes, "no, it 's okay."
I nod and turn over on my back. I start biting on my nails and study the ceiling, "why do you like me?" I shut my mouth quick and my eyes widen as I realized what I said. Shit.
"There 's a lot of reasons," he says quietly. "You 're different."
I roll my
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I could use a haircut, but I don 't have the money and I don 't know where one is.
Colton gets up and lights one of the incense cones and places it in a tray. He moves the curtain away from the incense and looks outside. He moves the curtain back and blows the incense to let the smoke out; it 's heavy at first then it slows down into a little strand and puffs. He looks at me and smiles, "the sun is coming out."
"And?" I say while picking at my split ends.
"The snow is going to melt."
I roll my eyes, "no, it 's gonna turn into slush which I hate more than actual snow. And the slush is basically melting snow and ice, but mud underneath cause the ground is wet and disgusting. Besides, it 's December; it 's probably gonna snow again."
"Wow. You always have a negative thought on things, don 't you?" He asks with a pissed-off tone.
I gave him a fake smile, "no, it 's just how I feel about it."
"Well, speaking of December, what do you want for Christmas?"
I shrug, "dunno. Cigarettes, a job, car, haircut. You?"
"Nice list. And nothing really," he holds it there then drops it with more words. "Maybe a date with you." He smiles.
I smile, "maybe."

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