Personal Narrative Essay: What Is A Solo?

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When I was 12, going into 6th grade I went to summer camp. The camped was called Aloha Hive In Fairlee, Vermont. This was an all girls camp geared towards teaching girls skills such as, pitching a tent, hiking, making a fire, sailing, swimming among other things. Everyday at breakfast we would sign up for the activities we want to participate in for that day. On morning as I was eating an scanning over the list of the day 's activities my eye fixated on something called a “solo”. Immediately I started to wonder what is was, it was under the “hiking/outdoors section”. Do I hike..solo? Do I go and stay in the woods..solo? Do I camp..solo? Swim..solo? My hand shot up as soon as my counselor asked who had questions. “What is a solo?” I belted out infront of everyone. She responded with a small laugh and said “It 's something what is too popular among the campers here. Basically I will lead a group of you into woods surrounding camp, each of you will get your own camp ground. You will get a potato, a match set and a sleeping bag. We will all be close …show more content…
Our group was no bigger than 8 people including our counselor. Surrounding the camp grounds was a beautiful luscious forest. The walked was filled with the sound of birds chirping, leaves crunching and water flowing in the rivers. After hiking for an hour we decided to part ways and set up camp. I was the first camper to be dropped off, I set down by bag and watched as everyone slipped into the woods and out of my sight. I remember sitting there with a thought that has entered my mind many times since; “Lily, how did you get yourself into these situations”. Once accepting the fate I gave to myself I opened the supply kit that they gave us. I kit included a match set, a sleeping bag, a potato, a pot, a whistle (just in case), water and bug spray. Minimal, I thought to myself as unpacked everything and prepared myself for the long night

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