How To Write A Commemorative Letter To My Father

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After my mother passed away I began taking care of my father.
I had made the promise to my mother after receiving bad news from her cancer doctor.
As expected, she was devastated yet concerned on who would care for our father.
That moment is still with me as I remember her grabbing hold of my hand and asking me who would take care of Daddy?
I expressed to her that we would and that it wasn’t our main concern at the time being.
During caring for my father, he would always thank me, I use to reply with the comment that it was the right thing to do, that is what families do and that I did not need his thanks, that I was happy to do it and felt it was my duty.
My father was 83 years old and was in good health for the most part.
He had recently
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As the officer sat down to speak with me, I made the comment that it was my mother, she must have thought I was nuts.
And those butterflies had been there consistently during every visit I had with my father following my mother’s passing one year and a month prior.
My mother always had a desire to fly, she loved nature, loved birds and butterflies and every visit to my father after her passing those butterflies were always present.
I was not prepared to the find my father dead, I suppose no one is ever prepared for events like these.
What really dug at me was that the day before, I was outside doing yard work and I heard a man call my name, I initially took the voice as my brother’s but the next day when I found my father I knew it had to have been him.
I ignored this silly little voice that came to me, this inner gut feeling.
Soon after the police left we headed home and for sure I was going to drink.
My daughter did not attempt to halt me.
My guilt was deep and harsh, I felt frozen.
I was angry at myself for ignoring my intuition, I knew better, for too many times my intuitive messages have proven

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