Narrative Essay On A Trip To Texas

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Trip to Texas When I was younger, my mother and father where getting a divorce; I went with my mother and my brother went with my father. As time passed I began to grow up, developing my own thoughts about my father, for example, feeling that he did not care for me as much as I would have wanted him too. But then there was my brother, who seemed to care more about me than any other man. With time passing I began to see my brother as a fatherly figure; he was everything to me. For vacation I wanted to take a trip to Texas, I asked my mother, “Hey momma, we should go to Texas to visit Elliot and the family?” She agreed. So, we decided to go for a week, leaving Saturday morning and arriving Saturday night. When we arrived, we were welcomed with …show more content…
What had I just witnessed? Why had he called me all these horrible names? What had I ever done to him? I could not stop crying, full of emotions: fear, anger, confusion, but most of all, sadness. My father tried to calm me down and explained to me that my brother wasn’t thinking right and that he needs help, professional help. He explained how my brother is an abusive alcoholic. The next couple of days passed and I could not stop but feel what I felt. I did not want to see my brother let alone have anything to do with him. My father said that he had spoken to him the day after and that my brother was sorry for everything he had done, he wished he could go back in time and erase it all. I took this into consideration but nothing; no words could help me get past this. The week had gone by and it was now time to go home. I still hadn’t seen my brother and I did not want to. I arrived at the airport and was getting ready to go in when my brother showed up out of nowhere and hugged me. He said, “Make sure to come back soon, I’m going to miss you.” I was surprised, waiting for an apology, but nothing. Finally I left, on my way back to California, but with a different mindset. Alcohol can do great damages between friends or families, but it is up to a person to make a change, to not let alcohol take over their lives. To my dismay, my brother still has not apologized and I don’t think he ever will, and as for me, I will never feel safe with him as long as he has alcohol in his

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