Personal Narrative Essay: Personal Experience In Junior High School

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The bright sun hung in the sky, the breeze was blowing gently, the green grass swung lightly, my friends and I ran and laughed on the playground.

I always dreamed of this dreamland when I was in junior high school after I fell out with my friends. The image, which also reminds me of the belief that I was so sure of before is not true.

When I entered junior high school, I had several friends. At the very start, we discussed our homework or some questions and played together during extracurricular time, we spent a splendid time. Nevertheless, as time has gone by, something has changed between me and my friends.

One day, my friend Mary, invited me to participate her birthday party and told me to arrive 2 hours early to help her
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The entire birthday party, Mary didn 't say a word to me, and in school after that, she was stand offish to me. Worse still, it seemed like the friends who played with me before were still playing with Mary now but became distant from me. I was extremely upset and couldn 't understand why our friendship had changed.

Several lonely days passed. One vulgaris night, before we ate dinner, my mother said she learned how to make a new dish style with pork ribs, and asked me to give her some feedback about it. I ate a hunk of meat and commented “it’s awful". At that moment, my father told me it 's very impolite and hurtful to say something straightforward like that. I should express my gratitude to mom 's painstaking work and deliver my opinion in a more euphemistic way such as "I prefer the the way you cooked them before. Maybe the new style is not as good as the old way."

Suddenly, I realized that maybe the reason why my friends didn 't play with me anymore was that, I expressed my comments too directly and hurt their feelings. To be sincere and honest and to give my opinion is the duty of being friends, but to be euphemistic and take care of others ' feeling is much more significant.

Finally, I was aware of the that, to find a temperate way to communicate with friends is the optimal method to maintain a harmony and joyful relationship with

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