Personal Narrative: My Senior Year In High School Community College

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In High School I would of never imagined me attending Southern Adventist University. I honestly did not think that I would attend any school over about $6000 dollars anyway. The community college in my neighborhood is where i was expected to go. It was cheap enough to where i wouldn’t have to pay a dime, close to home and nearly everyone i knew started of college there to save money. With my parents being from Haiti and not making enough money to support me in school community college was what i thought to be as the ideal school for me. Boy, was i wrong!
It was mid April of my senior year in high school and i did not apply to not one university. I would find myself scrolling through my different dream colleges online knowing that i probably
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They wanted the best for me and did not want to limit me in any way when it comes to school. Therefore my mother then gave me the option to choose which ever school i wanted to attend. At first i did not believe it. That was simply too good to be true and i often thought about who would pay for it. While my mother gave me the option to attend any school i wanted to, i still sympathized for the situation i knew my parents were in financially and decided that i would start at the community college first instead, which never happened.
God had a completely different plan for me. The school i attended gave us 5 free college application waivers so by mid April i decided to use them all on my different dream schools. Even though i was planning to go to the community college i did not want the 5 waivers to go to waste so i applied to different schools anyway. By the way, Southern Adventist University was not one of the five dream schools i had. At the time of Mid April of my senior year in high school i knew absolutely nothing about Southern Adventist
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I moved into my dorm literally a day before school started which was a huge mistake. I wish i could have went back and got prepared earlier because my first day stressed me out beyond what i could take. I forgot about where everything was and i was late to my class. Luckily, it was just smart start which is one three week coarse that you can take in the summer.
Doing smart start helped me alot. It challenged me by craming everything that you would learn in a semester in three weeks. Most might think of that as strenous and hard which it can be but its all worth it. Doing smart start also helped me to better myself when it comes to procrastinate which is bad but in reality we all do it. It got me in the college mode earlier which was way better than getting into the college mode while taking all of your different classes for your traditional fall. In smart start is where i made most of my friends becuase it was a smaller amount of people so easier to talk

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