Personal Narrative Essay: My Dream School At Southern Adventist School

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In High School I would of never imagined me attending Southern Adventist University. I honestly did not think that I would attend any school over about $6000 dollars anyway. The community college in my neighborhood is where i was expected to go. It was cheap enough to where i wouldn’t have to pay a dime, close to home and nearly everyone i knew started of college there to save money. With my parents being from Haiti and not making enough money to support me in school community college was what i thought to be as the ideal school for me. Boy, was i wrong!
It was mid April of my senior year in high school and i did not apply to not one university. I would find myself scrolling through my different dream colleges online knowing that i probably
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Even though i wasn’t planning on really attending any of the schools i was still worried. More and more days pass and thee wait to recieve the acceptance letters were so unbarable so i decided that i would give my number one dream school, which is University of Georgia, a call. While talking to my advisor and explaining to her everything that was going on she asked me to check my email. Its so funny how that entire month i haven’t checked my email not once so while she brung it up i decided to check my email for a change. I opened up my email and there were all of my acceptance letters except they’ve been sent to me through email. Email from then until now has been my best friend and i checking your email frequently is vital to any college student in …show more content…
There are barely any attractions that interest me in this town. The only things that i see people doing for fun are going on hikes and exploring the mountains which are my least favorite things to do. However, what i noticed a lot was not only a culture change but a nice atmosphere. Its almost like i felt at home. The people were very nice and the teachers seem to be so caring and i actually started to see alot more good in the school and like it.
My mother wanted me to attend this school so bad. She refered to southern adventist universtity as her dream school and would go on and on about why i should go to the school. As a seventh day adventist she refered to southern adventist university as “the best place to be especially for college.”She had a firm belief in the value of my education while also growing sprituality. It turns out she was the one who applied to the school for me and here i am today, a freshman at southern adventist

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