Moving To Norway: A Short Story

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It was the year 2010, I was 17 years old, and at the time I was living with my older brother Jacob and his family. I was downstairs in the computer room checking my Facebook as usual, when all of the sudden I get a message from my father in Norway. My father was a very prominent pastor in the Hampton roads area for nearly thirty years, but he and my mother had some problems and decided to get a divorce about four years earlier. After the divorce my father had decided to move to Norway and host a television program for a Christian studio in Iceland. I had been to Norway once before to visit him in the summer, I loved it so much and had always wanted to go back. As I was reading my father’s message I was filled with excitement, has was asking …show more content…
My heart was racing inside of my chest, there was so much going through my mind. The only family I had in Norway was my father and his new wife whom I hardly had spoken to. After thinking about all of this a sudden peace came over me, I knew it was the Lord assuring me that everything was going to be ok. Now the process of me moving began. There was so much that I had to get done. I had to get my passport, pack all of my belongings and say goodbye to my family. This entire process took about a month, I will never forget how hard it was to get my passport. I remember going to CVS to get my passport photo taken, and how rude and unhelpful all of the staff was. After my passport came in the mail I went ahead and bought my plain ticket, it was at that moment that I realized this was actually happening, I was really moving to another country. This is going to be an amazing adventure that not many people have the chance to experience. Now I needed to say goodbye to my family, this was one of the hardest tasks that I ever had to complete. Everyone that had supported me and had been by my side throughout my entire life would no longer be with me. Their were tears that were shed and precious moments made. Now it was time to leave, my plane was boarding and all of my belongings were in bags beneath the plane. Just like that I was off thousands of miles in the air, thinking on this moment makes me laugh because I am not the biggest fan of small spaces or heights. Coach was over crowded with people from all types of backgrounds. Planes are a melting pot of different countries. The journey was so long and draining, it reminded me of the hobbit by JRR Tolkien, I felt as though I was a hobbit being exposed to that which he has never had the pleasure of being exposed to. There were so many delays, and safety checks, I felt felt as though I would never reach my

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