Personal Narrative Essay: Let The Game Of Life

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I am writing this on behalf of the people who have or will have the same life experience I encountered. The human mind is delicate, it can create things that are not really there, overthink simple situations, and even make it seem like something happened in the past when it really didn’t. Are memories really exact frames of what really happened or is it what the mind created out of the situation? Let the game of life begin. Whether or not this is a gift or curse, it 's always followed me, waiting for the perfect moments to strike. To this day I cannot tell if it 's real or fantasy, but it has always been there watching me grow up. From an early age I never really noticed it, but thinking back and looking at the memories captured in photos …show more content…
I never heard a voice or a sound from it, but could feel it whenever it was around me. It was always watching, always making sure I was alive basically. No one else could feel it or see it but me. I would only be able to catch a glimpse of it, while driving every time I looked in the mirror I would catch it slowly leaving the corner and just seeing that dark spot set me off every time. Now, I am 25 years of age, still yet to have a family of my own because I’ve always ran it trying to get away. I figured it was evil because it always showed itself after something in my life I prayed for it to go back from wherever it came from, but it wouldn’t, it never backed off, but would only become closer when I feared it. At this point, I had given up until the night it all made sense. I awoke from a dream late at night breathing heavily, with my heart pounding at what felt like 100 mph. I realized it was the first time I had slept well without having a dream. I sat up and drank some water and I noticed that I didn’t feel it. I was shocked it wasn’t there, so I reached to put my water back on the nightstand and there it was. The object I beheld was a large box, almost the size of a chest with a picture of my grandfather and I when i was very young. Accompanied with the photo was the chest and inside was letters with dates on them filled to the top. They were all written in very familiar writing, my grandfathers. I thought to myself how could this be he died many years ago? The date he passed was October 26, 2015, I frantically searched for that date in the box, but it wasn’t there. To my right was a small folded piece of paper. I opened it slowly and there it was. October 26, 2015 the letter was shorter than all of the others I read it over and over again trying to get the message and it dawned on me. The last words left on that letter were see

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