Personal Narrative Essay: Good Work With The Dance

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Denise grabs her water bottle and sits down, leaning her back against the mirrored wall. As she takes a sip of water, Kate sits down next to her and says, “hey” in a friendly tone.

“Oh hi,” Denise replies.

Kate ignores the distaste in Denise’s voice and says, “good job with the dance today. You choreographed it really well.”

Denise murmurs “thank you,” and stands up, taking her water bottle to the other side of the room. Of course Kate just has to be the nice one. Yes Denise worked hard on that dance, but she wants recognition from the others, not Kate. Denise just wants to be recognized for all the hard work she’s done, the countless shows she’s choreographed and acted in, only to spend years in the ensemble.

Kate walks over to Denise’s new spot and says, “you don’t seem to like me very much.”

Surprised, Denise responds, “that’s not true.”

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“How to get revenge. Step 1: invite Kate over for dinner. Step 2: invite Jeff over earlier and have him in a compromising position when Kate arrives. Step 3: Kate storms out angrily and Jeff and Kate break up,” Kate pauses, “you disgust me Denise. I can’t believe I considered you a friend.”

“I can’t believe that we were ever friends. You really want me that badly?” Jeff pauses, “well that’s too bad because you are never, and I mean never, going to have me,” and with those final words the couple storms out of her apartment.

The door slams shut when everything hits Denise. She falls to the floor, tears stream down her face. How could she have been so stupid? Of course he would never want her. She was stupid to try to get revenge on Kate. Kate was just living her life. She never meant to hurt Denise, she probably didn’t even know that Denise was hurt. And now what would happen to Denise? She’s probably going to lose all of her friends. Denise picks herself up and crawls over to the couch. She turns on the tv and tries to forget all about her failed

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