Personal Narrative: The Texas Association Of Future Education

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In 2011 as I moved on to high school I was determined that I just wanted to get it all over with and not have to worry about it anymore. Well I was wrong, as school continued to go on I was changing my state of mind. I wanted to finish school and be something more in life and make a difference. I started with eight classes, and they were okay for the most part. My favorite class was Principles of Education and Training, I Developed a thought of mind that no matter what I did I had to work in life, but the point was doing something I liked not just doing anything.
On a Monday morning as the Mrs. Bevel talked about T.A.F.E. I thought to my self what is that. So I decided to ask and she responded “Texas Association of Future Educators” I soon
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I was once again was able to focus on doing what I was good at. I was also being able to be an intern at Bridgeport Elementary School. The first semester flew quick and successfully thanks to my teacher and my parents that were their for me in the thick and thin. My senor year I was asked to give a speech in front of the upcoming freshman class and my whole school it was nerve wrecking. I said “yes”, I was asked to share about my high school experience to motivate other to be successful because they thought I was a leader for my school. I worked for hours on typing up my speech but it was so worth it. I was always told “If you do all you can now to succeed you will be a wonderful person and the best one in your career”. The big day came and I was standing in front of over 300 people all I could hear is people talking left to right and people even yelling out my name and showing me support I did not know if I should look up or keep staring at the podium. I took a deep breath and looked up and as I was introduced I could hear the crowd clapping and whistling and everyone looked like little ants from my position. I gave my speech and I was told by people “Uriel I really liked it and I see you as a leader and hopefully I can be like you and do good”. I responded to most of them “You can do what ever you want in life

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