Personal Narrative: Betrayal: The Emotions Of A Child

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Betrayal, is a word typically associated with the feelings or thoughts that you or someone might feel crossed, hurt or used. That was how I felt the day my best friend had told me she was pregnant, I felt off balance as if the simple thought of her even having a child was inconceivable. It made me sick and angry, that her life was thrown away so easily just because her boyfriend failed to use proper protection. My acceptance over the truth eventually broadened along with my best friend’s belly and my undoubtable emotions of betrayal. It wasn’t just the emotional toll, the physical drawbacks and our future plans disappeared from our mists like a balloon that had been abruptly popped; by her.
In the beginning, the emotional toll that wrung at
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Where as I, spoke of all the things I wanted to accomplish. She was smiling lifelessly and nodding. I realized I couldn’t talk to her about these things anymore. It almost felt awkward, the way she put a hand on her belly and admired the child that changed her life. Until one day, she excitedly called with an invitation to dinner with her family and boyfriend. I sat at the family table with her parents and her boyfriend, as she practically bounced when she told me “I want you to be the Godmother!”. I bit my lip and smiled, hugging her tight and thanking her for the wonderful news. It was then that I realized, after all this; she still wanted to include me in her …show more content…
The child wasn’t a mistake in my eyes and neither in hers, it was a new life she decided to care for in the place of her own. I was proud in her decision for having her child and while it did bring her emotional turmoil she held through. Her physical perseverance was something admirable as well, her eyes always welling in tears but never shedding once. In the end, she affected me just the same, emotion in tow and all. I still continue to support her from the sidelines, at arms reach; betrayal still present somewhere along my

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