My Mom Changed My Life-Personal Narrative

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Ever since I was young I have always happened to find myself being the black sheep of the flock; I was always the one left out, the odd one of the group. I was the youngest of my two brothers and also happened to be the quietest. Growing up wasn’t easy for my family and I since my mother was a single mother of 3 and had no one else to support her. You might be thinking “what about your father?” well my mother left him right before I was born due to the fact that he was abusive to my mother and siblings, an alcoholic, and wanted to include my mother in illegal activities he was committing. So as one can assume my mother spent most of her time working just to support her three children and keep us in school. Growing up in school wasn’t easy for …show more content…
Why do you even care you never have you never will” he looked at me with a face of disgust. I couldn’t bring myself to open my mouth and say something so I just looked down at his feet, yet he knew what I was thinking and asked “Why...?” there was a slight pause in his voice as if he couldn’t take what was going on. “Why after everything they 've done to you us!?” I could see his eyes tearing up from despair. “They hurt us, they all made us an outcast, they abused us, and even pushed us away! Yet you choose to give them a chance they don 't deserve it they never gave us one so why should you? Why!?” He yelled at me filled with anger. “This isn’t us I won’t”, “I know you better than anyone else you and you know that, only I understand your pain. They made us this way they put us through a living hell so why help them?” he interrupted me in the middle of my statement. He fell to his knees sobbing in pain he now I was finally letting it all out he roared with tears running down his cheeks “The pain! We were so alone and nobody once helped us we just took it all in... why us…why me?” I stood there above myself watching myself sob in the greatest pain I’ve ever felt, the weakest I’ve ever seen myself.

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