Personal Narrative: An Interview With My Mentor

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My mentor was Patrick Norris, I met Mr. Norris trough Jocelynn who is a good friend of mine and she works for the Orange Therapy Fitness Center in St louis in the marketing department. I talked to her about finding a good mentor for my class and she gave me the contact of Mr. Norris. I had the interview with Mr. Norris via Phone call and he was kind, respectful, and professional. Mr. Norris works for the Maritz CX company as a technology programmer. Since, he is not exactly what I am studying I felt we still have things in common as using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. His area is more about the coding than the design part. The first question that I asked was about his skills and what he was in charge of. Mr. Norris, do web development, and he and his team are in charge or programming surveys to collect data about costumer’s satisfaction and experience of …show more content…
He said that he would not agree with it because his job is very independent and they have their own project already selected for each people in his department, also because one should explain the intern the process, which makes him think could be a waste of time. His advice for graduate college students was to not jump in at the first job that one’s see because there are a lot of options outside and the most important thing is to find a job where one’s feel that the environment and people are great, and with flexibility which means finding a job where one’s can work from home at least once a week will be great.
I personally enjoyed doing this assignment because I could get through the life of a professional and I feel it helped me a lot to understand how real life works and how important our decisions are. Speaking with someone that it is already a professional makes me realized that can be hard at the beginning but it will always be alright. Not stressing is what matters and take the things with calm can help a

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