Personal Narrative : ' Alright Jamie 's The Last Of It ' Essay

1048 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 5 Pages
“Alright Jamie, that’s the last of it.” My dad takes out the last cardboard box from the once over flowing trunk. I feel two sweaty hands placed on the back of my shoulders. I get spun around to my father that is looking at me; I can feel worrisome in the way he holds me, yet so much excitement. As his lip begins to quiver, he embraces me in his arms and I feel tears dripping down from his cheek. Hearing sniffles behind me is so contagious. My mom gives me one last kiss on my wet cheek as I hug her and never want to let go. Millions of thoughts and emotions run through me, as I am apprehensive and don’t know what the future has in store. It was a humid summer night when I went to bed feeling like a little kid again. Trying to fall asleep was like trying to sleep before Christmas morning. I knew the next morning was going to be the beginning of something great, my four years at Penn State University. But putting the fun and games to the side, I realized living on my own was going to be an obstacle for me. Doing my own laundry, making my own bed, and handling my own responsibilities was right before me. A girl that has never left her home for more than three days was about to leave for three months and be on her own. I was about to be that girl, but wasn’t ready for it yet. Having no other choice but to attend my first day of college wasn’t very settling to my mind, with close ties to my family refraining me from thinking I could be independent. The next…

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