Personal Narrative: A Career In Social Work

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Steve Jobs once said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. I am a firm believer in that philosophy. Time spent in one's employment takes up a major portion of one's life. In order to be truly happy in a career, you must enjoy doing it and I believe to truly be happy in life, you have to be happy in your career. Something I have always enjoyed doing is helping people. Having anxiety and depression myself, I have found social media as an outlet to seek help and help others. During this time there have been many people, that I only know through social media, that have reached out for help. I have enjoyed sharing my life experiences and being a resource to help others with their struggles in life. Through this experience I have …show more content…
In looking into Social Work careers, I’ve chosen to focus specifically on Social Work with Young Adults.
Teens are faced with many more challenges today than they were a decade ago. The challenges range in complexity. Drugs and Alcohol are both on the rise and starting at a much younger age. The internet has opened up teens' exposure to more adult content. Social Media has also added pressure on teens. It used to be Anxiety, Bullying, and Social Cliques within schools existed for a few hours a day. Today with Social Media, that pressure can exist 24/7. While there are many challenges that Teens face, for my Senior Project I chose to focus on Teen Pregnancy.
For my project, I spent two weeks as the primary care provider for a friend's toddler, Kjell. For the project, I wanted to gain a better understanding of the challenges teens face while raising a child and keeping up with school. Online school allowed me an opportunity to continue with school and take care of Kjell. During the two weeks, I had to continue with school and ensure Kjell was taken care of. This gave me some real life experience on what teen parents face. In addition to the experience of watching Kjell, I reached out to friends that have first hand knowledge of the challenges of balancing school and raising a kid. There are many challenges for Teen Parents, including financial, family
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During the first week I really struggled with my time management and I put the things I wanted to do with Kjell before the things I needed to do, such as school and picking up. At the end of the day, that left me with a huge mess and a boatload of classes. However, during the last week I was able to schedule out our play time and my school time. Better time management allowed for a much more relaxed and enjoyable week. Mastering that particular skill will help me in all of my future tasks, whether its college and I need to get homework done or I am working and have to turn something in for my boss. The ability to prioritize my time will especially help me as a social worker. Social workers typically have to go through a lot of paperwork and meet with several people a day, learning to budget my time will save me during the days where I have to meet with many clients. Another important skill I learned was communication, this is something I need to improve on. Like many teenagers, I often try to do things all on my own. This is not a good stance for both parenting and working. Learning I could ask for help at the end of the second week saved me. I was able to find a way to focus only on school without having to worry about Kjell and what he was doing or if he needed help. Asking for advice and support in the office is also extereamly important. As a social worker, you are expected to help

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